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Nov 14

Bad Report Card? What To Do #7: Put In Perspective

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #7:  Put In Perspective

As a parent it is human nature to say, “The grades on last year’s report card were higher.  This year’s report card is lower so there must be a problem with my child.”  This rationale is not always accurate. Lower grades could be a sign of a major academic adjustment where students can learn to adapt to over time. This is a new school year and the challenges have become greater than last year.  The concepts, expectations and demands have increased.  Also your student has different teachers with different methods and expectations. 


Nov 13

MetroWest Humane Society

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home is proud to donate our tutoring and test prep services to the MetroWest Humane Society's annual auction.  We hope you will attend and bid our donation to help the animals.  The much needed funds will assist them with the operation of their shelter and the continued rescue and care of stray, abused and abandoned animals.  100% of the funds raised at the auction will be used for direct care and support of the animals.

Nov 13

Bad Report Card? What To Do #6: Don't Wait

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #6:  Don't Wait

Some skills taught previously are like a foundation that the rest of the school year is built upon. Often teachers assume certain math, writing, or reading skills already covered are known and move forward.  If those skills are not learned, some students may get buried.  Getting extra help or a tutor may be able to catch up your student before they fall even further behind.

Nov 12

Bad Report Card? What To Do #5: Check The Schedule

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #5:  Check The Schedule

Are the demands of an excessive extra-curricular schedule causing report card grades to be low?  Sports, music, and theater are just a few examples of time consuming activities students may focus on more than their studies.  Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to meet the demands of their activities and put in their best effort on their homework.  As a parent, you have the responsibility of examining the extra-curricular schedule and modify it if necessary so they have the time needed to do their homework and study.

Nov 11

Bad Report Card? What To Do #4: See The Teacher (part 2)

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #4:  See The Teacher (part 2)

Ask the teacher if your student’s behavior in school is contributing to the poor report card performance.



Nov 10

Bad Report Card? What To Do #3: See The Teacher

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #3:  See The Teacher

Often there are a lot of different components that go into calculating a grade.  A simple letter grade on a report card may not provide a clear picture.  Your child’s teacher can give you an explanation as to what components specifically may have lowered the grade.  The teacher will help you identify what areas in that subject matter require additional support.  Then you can decide if the extra support will come from you, the teacher, or a Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutor.

Nov 09

Bad Report Card? What To Do #2: How To Study

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #2:  How To Study

There are some students that want to do well on tests, but do not know the actual process of how to study.  Learning study skills will allow your student to be able to demonstrate their understanding on tests and raise their grades.

Nov 08

Bad Report Card? What To Do #1: Organization

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Bad Report Card? What To Do #1:  Organization

Many times a student is very capable of learning and understanding, yet have lower grades due to their organization.  Poor organization from time management to completing and handing in homework can lower report card grades tremendously.  Teaching a student how to be organized can be an invaluable life lesson.

Nov 07

Report Cards

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Report cards can be stressful for many students.  If your child’s first term report card does not have the grades you would have hoped for, it does not pay to panic and add to the stress.  Some children and their parents outrageously consider a bad report card a death sentence.  This is simply not true.  A report card can be used as a tool to help a parent have a clearer vision of what strengths and weaknesses their child has.  Then once a weakness is on the radar, a parent can begin to address the problem. 

There are many factors that go into the grades your child received on the most recent report card.  Over the next several days we will take a closer look at first term report cards and what you can do to help your student improve future report cards.

Nov 01

HOPE Sudbury

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Y3K Tutor in your home is proud to donate our tutoring and test prep services to the HOPE Sudbury Telethon and Auction.  The money you bid for our tutoring will go towards supporting Sudbury, MA families in need.  In 2013 alone, 57 families turned to the HOPE Fund for support.  It is always a pleasure for Y3K Tutor In Your Home to help these Sudbury families whenever the need arises.