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Nov 01

HOPE Sudbury

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Y3K Tutor in your home is proud to donate our tutoring and test prep services to the HOPE Sudbury Telethon and Auction.  The money you bid for our tutoring will go towards supporting Sudbury, MA families in need.  In 2013 alone, 57 families turned to the HOPE Fund for support.  It is always a pleasure for Y3K Tutor In Your Home to help these Sudbury families whenever the need arises.



Oct 31

Family Promise Metrowest: Keep The Promise

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Once again Y3K Tutor In Your Home gives back to the community.  This time we are donating our tutoring and test prep services to Family Promise Metrowest for their fall fundraiser, "Keep The Promise".  Bidding on our tutoring will help them raise money to assist families and children who are homeless in the Metrowest area.

Oct 30

Halloween Trick or Treating: Plan The Route

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No matter how old your trick or treater, plan the route in advance and go over safety precautions.

Oct 29

Buddy Dog Collection Drive List

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Here is the complete list of items collected for the Y3K Tutor In Your Home 12th Annual Buddy Dog Humane Society Collection Drive.  Pick ups are from November 1st to January 10th.  Call now!

Most Needed Items:
• Limited-slip or Martingale collars of all sizes
• Non-clumping, clay cat litter
• Litter box deodorizer
• Bleach, laundry detergent, liquid dish soap, sponges
• Waterless hand sanitizer
• New, standard-sized litter boxes (no hood)
• Rubbing alcohol and distilled water

For the Cats and Kittens:
• Science Diet brand dry food
• Canned cat food (any brand, not shredded variety)
• Blankets and soft cat beds
• Towels
• Toys (squeaky toys, balls, stuffed mice, fishing pole toys, catnip)

For the Dogs and Puppies:
• Science Diet brand dry food
• Canned dog food (any brand or variety)
• Leashes (4, 6, or 8-foot; not the retractable kind)
• Toys (squeaky & plush toys; no tennis balls/rope toys)
• Pressed raw hides
• Blankets and soft dog beds
• Step in harness small and medium sizes

For the Staff:
• Office supplies: dry-erase markers & two-pocket folders
• Paper towels and tissues
• Medical supplies such as cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, Q-Tips, and first-aid items
• Plastic drinking cups
• Ajax cleaner

Gift Certificates: We welcome gift certificates from the following stores, so that we may purchase shelter supplies.
• Walmart
• Petco
• Home Depot
• Lowe's
• B.J’S Wholesale Club
• Pet Edge
• Target
• Homegoods

Oct 29

Michigan State Board of Education Policy: Student Options for Animal Dissection

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Michigan State Board of Education Policy:  Student Options for Animal Dissection Coursework

The Michigan State Board of Education recognizes that a growing number of students have moral, ethical, religious, or other objections to animal dissection and that modern nonanimal teaching methods (e.g., interactive computer software) are available. The State Board of Education also recognizes that these alternative teaching lessons may be more effective and less expensive. Consistent with the recommendations of leading science education organizations, to accommodate these students and create an inclusive learning environment, any K-12 student who objects to dissecting animals or animal parts should be permitted to opt out of dissection activities without fear of reprisal.

  • School districts should establish a written policy stating that options are available for students who object to dissection activities, and that upon written request, the school will permit a student who objects to dissection activities to demonstrate competency through an alternative method.
  • Teachers shall provide these students with an alternate project (i.e., completing modules on interactive computer software) that does not involve participating in or observing dissection and through which they can learn and be assessed on the material required by the course. The alternate project should be selected by the teacher and entail a comparable amount of work to the dissection activity.
  • No student shall be punished or discriminated against based up on his or her decision to opt out of animal dissection activities.
  • A student who is reluctant to voice his or her concerns about animal use in a particular course, or who thinks these concerns have not received proper attention, may seek assistance from their principal.
Oct 28

Needham Steps Up

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Look for the Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutoring and test prep auction donation at this year's Needham Steps Up Silent Auction. Your bids will help Needham Steps Up fund mentors for 15 Needham High School students.  Good luck and happy bidding!


Oct 28

Michigan Is The Newest Dissection Choice State

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The Michigan State Board of Education adopted a dissection-choice policy that allows more than 1.57 million students throughout the state to opt out of classroom animal dissection.  Children now have the option of using modern computer software and other humane methods.  Michigan joins 21 other states plus the District of Columbia in establishing a policy to allow students to avoid animal dissection. Michigan students can now choose not to dissect without worrying that their grades will suffer or that there will be other repercussions from the teacher.

The policy is important because students who have a moral objection to animal dissection often stay silent and go along with it causing anxiety.  This is because they are not presented with a choice or fear being punished for opting out.  Michigan was able to make this new policy due to the fact that numerous studies show that advanced computer simulation software helps students learn anatomy even better than old-fashioned animal dissection does.

Tomorrow we will take a closer look at Michigan’s new dissection-choice policy.

Oct 24

Sudbury Goodnow Library

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home donated tutoring and test prep services to the Black and White and Read All Over fundraiser at the Goodnow Library.  It is an honor to help the people of Sudbury.


Oct 22

Parents Agree: Y3K Tutor In Your Home Changes Lives #3

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“I wanted to let you know that my son got a B+ on every final exam other than his English final, which was an A-.  The extra effort he put into preparing, with your patient help, brought all of his grades up, so that he was able to finish the year with final grades of four A's and three B's.  You've been so wonderfully helpful, as always, but especially during this last challenging term.  I can't thank you enough!”  


Newton North High School Parent

Newton, MA

Oct 20

Fortified Cereals Hurting Children?

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Fortified breakfast cereals are causing kids to ingest too much vitamin A, zinc, and niacin according to a health research organization.  The amount of these nutrients in fortified cereals is calculated for what is good for adults and not children.