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Oct 09

Parents agree: Y3K Tutor In Your Home Changes Lives #2

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“Our son is an incredibly hard worker with a neurologically based learning disability. When he was “drowning” in math nearly two years ago, we reached out to the owner of Y3K Tutor In Your Home. We watched his grades and self-confidence take off. The tutor's unimpeachable professionalism and patience have made an enormous difference in our son's life, allowing him to work toward and maintain consistently high grades.  These excellent grades have begun to move him into the mainstream curriculum in just his first year of high school! I have recommended Y3K Tutor In Your Home without hesitation to any and all who ask how all of this happened for a once-tearful child who had despaired of ever “learning like other kids”. I tell them that it's because the tutor meets children where they are so that they can in their own time and way, get where they want to go. All of our son's present and former teachers remain delighted and astonished by his growth as an enthusiastic, independent learner, who now faces new challenges “head on”. This is a level of confidence that now informs his every endeavor.  We couldn't be happier and wish the same for all struggling students and worried parents.”


Vanessa M.

Newton North High School parent

Newton, MA

Oct 08

Faster Homework? Homework Basket / Box

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Have your kids create a homework basket or box filled with all the supplies they will need.  This will help avoid distractions along the way while trying to locate the items. The supply basket/box will keep kids focused on getting homework done rather than looking for something they need.  This will help homework time go by faster.

Oct 01

Hometown Weekly Newspapers Best Regional Tutoring 2014 - Y3K Tutor In Your Home

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FIRST PLACE BLUE RIBBON AWARD FOR BEST REGIONAL TUTORING 2014 - Y3K Tutor In Your Home is the best tutoring service for the region as voted by the readers of the Hometown Weekly Newspapers for Wellesley, Medfield, Walpole, Westwood, Dover, Sherborn and Needham.


Sep 29

Kids Backpack Safety

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Students should carry no more than 15-20% of their body weight in a backpack or they may risk injury.  Keep in mind that the average textbook can weigh around 5 lbs as you see the statistics below.

Student Weight         Maximum # of Textbooks

 75 lbs                           3 books

100 lbs                          4 books

125 lbs                          5 books

150 lbs                          6 books

Sep 24

Parents agree: Y3K Tutor In Your Home Changes Lives #1

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“The Y3K Tutor In Your Home owner tutors both my 7th grade son and my 3rd grade daughter. Their skills have rocketed leaps and bounds under his patient and careful tutelage. My daughter was behind in her math skills for 3rd grade at the beginning of the year and I just came from her school conference where her teacher told me her math skills have quadrupled since the beginning of the year.  We owe it all to Y3K services! Both of my children have benefited greatly from Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s tutoring. Highly recommend!!”


Wendy G.

Brown Elementary School and Kennedy Middle School parent

Natick, MA

Sep 17

Critical Thinking Tip #7: Math Word Problem Method

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Critical Thinking Tip #7:  When your student finishes math problems, ask them to teach you how they came up with that answer.  Then discuss if that method and answer make sense.

Sep 16

Critical Thinking Tip #6: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

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Critical Thinking Tip #6:  Discuss with your student the use of fractions, decimals and percents in our everyday lives.

Sep 15

Critical Thinking Tip #5: Math Word Problems

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Critical Thinking Tip #5:  When doing a word problem in math, talk to your student about the information given and ask them to tell you how they will use it to solve the problem.  Also discuss what information could be missing or if information is given that is not needed.

Sep 14

Critical Thinking Tip #4: Main Idea

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Critical Thinking Tip #4:  Ask your student questions about the main idea of the story and the author’s purpose.  For example it could be to persuade, entertain, inform, etc.

Sep 13

Critical Thinking Tip #3: Reading Comprehension

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Critical Thinking Tip #3:  Ask questions to your student that allows them to show their understanding of reading they recently read.