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Feb 24

Parents Agree: Y3K Tutor In Your Home Changes Lives #5

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“We have used Y3K Tutor In Your Home for almost 2 years now to help my son through 7th and 8th grade and it has been extremely helpful.  Even though our main focus is on math, Jerry is always willing to help with other subjects as needed and even helps my son with time management and organization skills.  He is very flexible to schedule and very engaging with my son.  I would definitely recommend him to any student that needs a little extra help!”

Jayme F.
Kennedy Middle School Parent
Natick, MA

Feb 21

Difficult Lessons Greatest Rewards

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The most difficult lessons are those with the greatest rewards.

Feb 17

You Can Make It

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If you want to make it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it.

Feb 12

Antibiotics For Sore Throat?

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70% of sore throat patients receive antibiotics when actually 20% really have bacteria caused strep throat.  Make sure your doctor tests to confirm strep before your children start taking antibiotics for a sore throat.

Feb 09

Be Strong (Part 2): Bullying

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Be Strong (Part 2): Bullying

A coward dies a thousand deaths. A child that is a victim of bullying can feel like they die thousands of deaths at the hands of a bully. Despite some of the new “expect the bystanders to help” programs taught in schools today, the only real way to end bullying is for the victim to face their fear and stand up to the bully directly.  This may risk pain and humiliation, but is the only true way to put an end to the problem before it ruins one’s life.

Feb 05

Be Strong (Part 1): You Must Act

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Be Strong (Part 1):  You Must Act

Everyone is afraid of something.  The strong act in spite of the fear.  The weak cower because of the fear.  Being timid breeds doubt and hesitation that not only weaken but also can be dangerous.  The coward dies a thousand deaths.  You must be strong.

Feb 02

Easiest Way To Learn

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The easiest way to learn information is to ask questions and listen carefully to the answer.  The best students are not shy.  Teach your children to ask as many questions as necessary until they understand.  Let one question lead to the next.  Stress the importance of asking the teacher, another student, their parents, or an experienced Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutor.  Questions are stepping-stones to self-improvement and good grades.  Truth fears no question.

Jan 29

Every Grade Matters

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Each assignment, quiz or test grade is important no matter what the weighting.

Jan 25

Parents Agree: Y3K Tutor In Your Home Changes Lives #4

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"Y3K Tutor In Your Home is terrific. We just started using the owner this year for my 6th grade daughter and we have seen a marked improvement on her test scores as well as her comprehension for math concepts she was struggling with.  The tutor has got a great way with her.  He is very calm and patient.  I highly recommend him."

Debbie F.

Kennedy Middle School Parent

Natick, MA

Jan 15

Racist Textbook Editor Or Political Correctness Out Of Control?

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Yesterday we looked at how Brookline, MA banned a textbook in all of its schools because of 7 people that claimed they were offended by 2 sentences they deemed to be racist.  Was this a case of a racist textbook editor trying to offend people or an accurate portrayal of history? Further investigation found that the co-editor of this textbook is a university English professor and African-American.  He claims that the description of slavery in the textbook may not be politically correct but painted a more accurate, complete picture of slavery.  He said of the controversy, “It was a cruel, horrible institution.  But there were conflicted slave owners, whose slaves were treated differently than others.”