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May 15

Brookline Pierce School Tutoring

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At the John Pierce School in Brookline MA, Y3K Tutor In Your Home will have tutoring and test prep donated to the upcoming auction.  Your support will help the Pierce School students.

May 11

Summer Tutoring

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Summer is a great time to catch up on skills without the pressure of additional assignments from a classroom teacher getting in the way.  Call now to schedule summer sessions of Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutoring and test prep.

May 04

Senior Citizens Bankrupt Over Wasteful School Spending

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Senior citizens that bought their house 40 years ago for around $18,000 are now paying property taxes on the value of the land around $1,000,000 due to rich people moving into the neighborhood and putting up new mansions.  These new neighbors tend to have kids and vote to increase the property tax for school projects.

May 03

Rising Property Tax For School Waste

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Here are some local Y3K Tutor In Your Home communities average property tax bill and their % increase in property taxes from 2004 – 2014. 


Brookline:  $13,954 per year   41.6% increase

Dover:  $13,245 per year   57.5% increase

Natick:  $6,459 per year   57.2% increase

Needham:  $8,765 per year   67.2% increase

Weston:  $17,832 per year   58.7% increase

Wayland:  $10,974 per year   44.5% increase

Wellesley:  $12,469 per year   70.3% increase

Newton:  $9,907 per year   45% increase

Sudbury:  $11,544 per year   43.9% increase


The next time your town asks you to raise your taxes to pay for another school project, tell them “NO”.  Tell them to cut out waste and reduce administrator salaries. 

Tomorrow we will look at how and why senior citizens are forced to move or starve to pay for always increasing school projects.

May 02

School Administrators Get Rich As Working Families Struggle

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As school administrators continue to get outlandish salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, they also continue to beg the taxpayers for more tax money.  They never cut out waste and balance their own budgets.  In fact most communities have seen a 40 – 70% increase in property taxes in the past ten years.  To make matters worse, most families have not seen their income increase by that same amount.  People on fixed incomes see their standard of living go down with every school money grab. 

Tomorrow we will take a look at how much property taxes to pay for schools have gone up over the last 10 years.

May 01

Ward Elementary School Tutoring

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Place your bid on the Y3K Tutor In Your Home auction donation for the up coming John Ward Elementary School Spring forWARD Auction.  The funds we help raise will go towards:

  • Technology purchases including iPads, laptops and printers
  • Creative Arts and Sciences programs throughout the year in every grade and classroom
  • A significant enhancement to the playground
  • Books and supplies for the library and classrooms

We are proud to be able to help the children of Newton, MA.


May 01

Town To Cheat Working Families In Name Of Schools

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In addition to the tax increase to pay for non-residents, Brookline MA also will be asking voters to approve $49,850,000 to renovate the Devotion School.  Yes you read that correctly.  Almost fifty million dollars!  The extras they want include a new kitchen and café, a new gym with smaller attached fitness room, and 2 pre-kindergarten classrooms.  They even plan on putting in an underground garage.

This spending spree will raise the taxes for each homeowner by $208 for 25 years beyond the thousands they are currently paying.  If these people in Brookline have their way, each homeowner will have to pay an extra $658 ($450 covering non-resident students in the school system and $208 for the renovated school) in taxes beyond the thousands they are currently paying each year.

Tomorrow we will look at how much money they have already grabbed and wasted on outlandish administrator salaries.

Apr 30

Non-Residents Force Towns To Pay Extra?

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The town of Brookline, MA is about to ask residents to vote for an additional $7,655,000 beyond their current school budget.  This is $450 extra property tax per homeowner beyond the thousands per year they are currently paying.  The schools claim that this money is needed due to 1,200 new students that have entered the system from 2004 to 2014. 

What they are not telling you is that a large amount of these new students are non-resident students.  These non-residents causing local citizens to pay for their expenses. 

Tomorrow we will look at another giant rip off the town is about to ask voters to approve.

Apr 28

Brookline Devotion School Tutoring

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home once again donated tutoring and test prep to the children of Brookline, MA.  The Edward Devotion School's Annual Spring Carnivale Auction will have our donation so make sure you place your bid and support the Brookline, MA students.

Apr 27

Parents Agree: Y3K Tutor In Your Home Changes Lives #7

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“Our Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutor has provided excellent academic support to my 7th grade son.  Last year we had battles and tears over homework. This year with Jerry's weekly tutoring, not only has my son's resistance to homework and studying decreased, his grades have gotten better and better with Jerry's help and guidance.  He has an ability to relate to my child that somehow engages and challenges him to think at the same time.  He never tells my son what the answers should be, but asks good questions, turns learning into something fun and provides clear academic structures and support all at the same time.  He is easy to work with and a delight to have found.  I'm happy that my son is so agreeable to working with him and I, for one, couldn't be happier with the services we have received from Y3K.  Everything from science lab reports, to math and writing Jerry seems to have a way to help both my son and me through the homework and demands of 7th grade.”

M. B.
Rashi School Parent
Newton, MA