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Feb 15

Best School Climate School Systems: Dover, Weston, Wellesley & Sudbury

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“School Climate” measures how academically focused and committed the students are at a school according to the Dreamschool Finder online tool.  They look at graduation rates, dropout rates and college ambitions of seniors.  The four Y3K Tutor In Your Home high schools that ranked in their top ten in this category were Dover-Sherborn Regional High School ranked #1, Weston High School ranked  #3, Wellesley High School ranked #5 and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School ranked #8.

Try to guess which six Y3K Tutor In Your Home communities made it to their top ten list for “College Readiness” and check back tomorrow to find out if you are right.

Feb 14

Best English Language Arts School System: Dover-Sherborn

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The Dreamschool Finder online tool has ranked the top five high schools based on certain criteria.  Many high schools within the Y3K Tutor In Your Home community scored well.  The category of “English Language Arts Growth” is a measure of how a school performs against similar schools in English.  Dover-Sherborn Regional High School was ranked #5 in the top ten. 

Which four Y3K Tutor In Your Home towns ranked in the top ten overall for “School Climate”?  Come back tomorrow for the surprising results.

Feb 13

Best School System

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Parents often ask us, “What is the best school system for my child?”  Two college professors and a local newspaper got together and decided to try to answer this very question.  They recently released the Dreamschool Finder online tool to help parents decide what public school system is in fact best.  What Y3K Tutor In Your Home towns made the list?  Check back tomorrow!

Feb 09

Common Core Math Controversy

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One major Common Core change is in the pace of math taught in the early grades.  Teachers now cover fewer topics but in greater depth.  The goal is to achieve mastery of the basics early on.  The theory is that previously schools throughout America taught too much, too soon.  The controversy lies in the fact that for some advanced students they are in essence being held back from their full potential.  Some can learn more quickly than others and this system appears to teach to the middle.  What do you think?

Feb 03

Homework Strategy

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Having a ton of homework can be overwhelming for a student.  Students (and adults) may be paralyzed with fear as to how to get all of the homework completed.  Have your child identify and start the hardest assignments first.  This way their brain will be the least tired and most focused.

Jan 30

Family Dinner Benefits Children

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Eating dinner with the family has been shown to be helpful for children, but at least 1/3 of Americans rarely do so.  Even if it is not possible to have a daily family dinner, there are alternatives that offer benefits to children. Other ways of attaining the dinner benefits include eating breakfast together, having a bedtime snack as a family, or scheduling a once a week Sunday dinner.

Jan 30

Needham Historical Society's Winter Social

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home donated a valuable certificate to the Needham Historical Society's Winter Social Silent Auction.  Please bid generously and help this worthy Needham, MA cause this coming Saturday.

Jan 28

Depression Risk Factors

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Does your child have depression? Here are some of the depression risk factors:

- Low self-esteem
- Negative body image
- Low social support
- Ineffective coping - Having a parent with depression
- Poverty
- Exposure to violence
- Social isolation
- Family breakup

Jan 24

Acne & Dairy Connection

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One cause of stress among teenagers is acne.  It can be a great source of humiliation and scarring for many.  Unknown to most, diet may play a big factor in this condition.  In fact, dairy products are the leading causes of acne according to studies.  Research found that cow’s milk produces and stimulates hormones linked with acne.

Jan 21

ADHD More Common Than You Think

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More than 1 in 10 children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD.