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Sep 12

Purr-fect Cat Shelter PetWalk

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The Purr-fect Cat Shelter of Medway, MA will be having a raffle this Sunday as a part of PetWalk 2014.  Please enter the raffle and hopefully you will win the Y3K Tutor In Your Home tutoring and test prep certificate.  Our support of PetWalk and the raffle will allow The Purr-fect Cat Shelter to continue their mission of helping homeless animals in need with the ultimate goal of placing them in permanent homes.

Sep 12

Critical Thinking Tip #2: Reading Opinions

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Critical Thinking Tip #2:  Ask your student about their opinions on what they read.  Why do they like or dislike a book?  Why do they think a particular event in a story is important?  Why do they like or dislike certain characters?

Sep 11

Critical Thinking Tip #1: Fact vs. Opinion

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Critical Thinking Tip #1:  Talk to your student about analyzing something they read today.  Discuss if the reading was fact or opinion and how they know.

Sep 10

Critical Thinking - Important Life Skill

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We often hear about how critical thinking is an important life skill and how it is now becoming the focus of math and English in school. There are many tricks parents can do to build students critical thinking skills.  These methods will prepare your student for the new Common Core Standards.  Over the next several posts, we will take a closer look at some easy ways to help children involve critical thinking daily.

Sep 09

Needham Hometown Weekly Newspaper's 2014 Best Tutoring

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FIRST PLACE FOR BEST NEEDHAM TUTORING 2014 – Y3K Tutor In Your Home is the best Needham tutoring service as voted by the readers of Needham Hometown Weekly Newspaper.  A big thank you goes out to all of the great families of Needham that voted for us!


Sep 07

Organizational Skills Tip #4: Clean Up

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Organizational Skills Tip #4:  Clean Up

After each night’s homework, students should spend five minutes to put away their papers, supplies, neatening their workspace and preparing their backpack for the next school day.

Sep 06

Organizational Skills Tip #3: Homework Notebook/Planner

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Organizational Skills Tip #3: Homework Notebook/Planner

Most disorganized students forget or lose track of what assignments need to be completed and when then need to be turned in.  A homework notebook or planner app should be used to write down the following every day:

  • Homework assigned for each class with due dates.
  • If no homework assigned for a given class, write “no homework”.
  • Upcoming tests, quizzes and projects.
Sep 05

Organizational Skills Tip #2: Homework Space

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Organizational Skills Tip #2:  Homework Space

A student’s homework space should be quiet, free from distractions and have all of the supplies needed to complete assignments.   

Sep 04

Organizational Skills Tip #1: Homework Routine

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Organizational Skills Tip #1: Homework Routine

There should be a consistent time set aside daily for homework.  Students should have a list of all homework assignments to be worked on for the day. As students finish their assignments, they should check them off the list.

Sep 03

Organizational Skills Make All The Difference

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home often receives phone calls and emails by parents all the time asking us to help their students with organizational skills.  These skills can be the difference between a poor student and a successful student.  Children without organizational skills more often than not, tend to fall behind and suffer with low grades.  They have trouble keeping track of assignments and/or constantly losing things.

Over the next several posts we will offer some organization tips just in time for the new school year.