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Jul 28

Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #4

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #4: 

Join us for some summer learning.  Y3K Tutor In Your Home offers personalized, one-on-one tutoring in the convenience of your home for students of all ages.  Our summer tutoring is a great way to keep students learning and prevent any summer regression.

Jul 27

Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #3

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #3: 

Continue to read.  Have your child read for 30 minutes each day.  If your child needs some inspiration, check out the summer reading programs at your local library. They often offer younger children prizes for completing certain amounts of reading.

Jul 26

Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #2

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #2:  

Look over last year’s schoolwork. Review saved tests and papers throughout the year.  Try doing this for several minutes each day.

Jul 25

Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #1

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You can prevent your child from losing math and reading skills over the summer.   Y3K Tutor In Your Home will offer simple tips you can do over the next several posts.


Y3K Tutor In Your Home’s Keeping Skills Over the Summer Tip #1

Keep writing. Encourage your child to write emails, letters and keep a journal of fun activities.  Support your child’s creativity by not focusing on editing mistakes. Make it fun which in turn will give your child an opportunity to practice writing.

Jul 24

Boston Parent's Paper - Best Tutoring

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home is honored to have recently been awarded:

BEST OF THE BEST FAMILY FAVORITE 2014 - Top 5 Tutoring or Educational Support Program as voted by the readers of Boston Parent's Paper.

We thank everyone in the Y3K Tutor In Your Home family for voting for us. We sincerely appreciate your support!


Jul 24

Summer Vacation Learning Loss

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Students can lose about 2 1/2 months worth of previous grade level understanding in math skills over summer vacation.  Learning loss over the summer can be a serious issue, but one that can be avoided.

How can you prevent your child from losing math skills over the summer?  Come back here tomorrow.

Jul 16

Ways For Children To Prevent Water Tubing Injuries

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Here are some ways for children to prevent water tubing injuries:

  • Wear a personal floatation device (PFD). If a water tubing accident happens, a life vest may prevent drowning.
  • Have a spotter, whose only job is to keep an eye on those who are tubing. The spotter should tell the driver of any issues, such as falling off the tube or rider requests to slow down.
  • Check the tow rope before starting. The tow rope should be free of slack and should not be tangled with any objects. The tube can flip leading to accidents
Jul 15

Tubing Dangers & Precautions

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If your child goes tubing, there are certain precautions the adult boat driver should take. Adults should be alert to how wide the tube is swinging out from the wake.  Look for possible obstacles for collisions.  Boat drivers should slow down when towing tubes.  Children riding in tubes can’t make changes in direction and when towed at higher speeds, the tube tends to whip wide outside the boat’s wake. 

Tomorrow we will look at how kids can protect themselves while tubing.

Jul 14

Tubing Injuries

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Nearly half of all injuries to children in boating accidents come from towed tubes also known as tubing.  When these injuries occur, they tend to be severe.  Injuries to children in tubing accidents came from impact with objects, the tow rope or the propeller. 

How can your children go tubing without major injuries?  Come back tomorrow.

Jul 11

Take Water Breaks

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Take water breaks.  If your child complains about dizziness, headache, nausea or muscle cramps, he or she could be overheated or at risk for heat-related illness.