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Jan 13

Banned Textbook Offensive?

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There has been major controversy over an elementary school history textbook in one local town.  A fifth grade history textbook caused quite a commotion in the town of Brookline, MA.  The book in question has been used for over 10 years without a problem.  This year about 7 people claimed to be offended by a section of this textbook and wanted it banned. 

Tomorrow we will examine the controversial passage from this textbook in question and let you decide for yourself if the uproar is justified. 

Jan 06

Autism & Asperger's Playing

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The reason children on the autism spectrum do not enjoy pretend play is based on how their brains see the world.  Pretend play requires putting yourself in someone's shoes and talking and acting as if you were another person.  Children with autism spectrum disorders usually struggle with the ability to see outside of themselves.

Jan 05

Autism / Asperger's and Pretend Play

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Watch out for children do not show an interest in pretend play (such as feeding a baby doll) by about age 2.  That is a potential sign of an autism spectrum disorder.  Kids with autism tend to pick games that engage their senses and avoid games that ask them to pretend, a new study finds. Researchers found that children with autism were naturally drawn to activities that get them moving or allow them to watch moving objects.  On the other hand, arts and crafts, and games that required pretending were the least popular with these same children. 

Why do you think this is true?  If you think you know the answer, email us your guess.  Also check back here tomorrow for the fascinating explanation.

Dec 23


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Kids love to cook.  Afterschool programs and summer camps have known for years that their cooking activities are always the most popular.  At home is no exception.  What most don’t realize is that by preparing a recipe, a child is learning many different concepts.  Here are some to consider:



  • Go shopping for the ingredients and decide what dollar bills to use and how much change to get back.


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

  • Determine how much the ingredients will cost and subtract out coupons also.



  • The concept of what a fraction is.
  • Demonstrate equivalent fractions such as 8/16 cup being the same as ½ cup.


Measurement Conversion

  • How many teaspoons make a tablespoon? How many ounces make a cup?  How many quarts are in a gallon?



  • Telling time on an analog clock.
  • Elapsed time. How to determine what time the food will be done cooking.


Reading Comprehension

  • Read the recipe and follow directions.
Dec 22


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What could be more fun and educational at the same time than a trip to a museum?  There are so many great museums that are entertaining and informative for both kids and adults.  Take a trip to the art museum, science museum, children’s museum, or local history museum.

Dec 21


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An educational present that kids enjoy are gift cards to bookstores.  These allow the child to choose what interests them.  Even kids that usually hate reading will be able to find something they enjoy and will want to read.

Dec 20

Winter Break - Winter Recess - Christmas Vacation

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Some call it “Winter Break”, others call it “Winter Recess”, and others call it “Christmas Vacation”.  Hopefully your kids will call it relaxing.  Winter break is a great time to keep kids learning in a fun way without it seeming like classwork.  Over the next several days we will present you with some of the many ways to keep your child learning while having fun during this long winter vacation. These suggestions may also foster family bonding as well.  It all starts tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Dec 05

St. Sebastian's School - Needham MA Tutoring

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Y3K Tutor In Your Home is proud to donate tutoring and test prep services to the St. Sebastian's School Annual Auction.  Your bid will go a long way towards helping the students of the St. Sebastian's School in Needham, MA.  


Dec 04

Safe ADHD Treatment

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If it’s a dream of yours that your child might be able to avoid taking medically prescribed drugs for ADD or ADHD, all we can tell you is that help may be on its way.  It will end up being YOU and not Big Pharma that comes to your child’s rescue.

This news could be life changing for your family. It could make a permanent difference in your life.  Click the link below.


Dec 03

ADHD Long Term Safety

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ADHD medications have had questionable long term safety tests.  Each drug was tested on an average of 75 patients before getting FDA approval.  The average length of each trial was only 4 weeks.  These medications are prescribed to children for years and not weeks.  Therefore one can conclude that the drug approval process for ADHD medications as far as long term safety was concerned was severely lacking.  Long term safety was in fact not officially determined at the time they were initially deemed safe.

Come back tomorrow for safe ADHD treatment with great long term results.