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May 27

Shame In Failure?

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If you tried your best, there is no shame in failure . . . only in quitting.

May 18

Parenting Special Needs Children

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When children have special needs, those closest to them may suffer.  Parents of children with special needs often experience emotional problems such as fear, sadness, rage, loneliness, and guilt.  They also experience physical problems such as exhaustion and self-neglect.  Many report their health as “fair to poor“ and over half say their diets and exercise habits have deteriorated since their parenting responsibilities began.  They also report that they do not regularly keep their own medical appointments.  It is important for those caring for those with special needs to address and treat their own issues as well.

Mar 18

Problem To Look For When Kids Hate School #1: Self-Esteem

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SELF-ESTEEM - Kids that feel bad about themselves and abilities most likely hate school too.  A lot of kids that are deemed “special ed” are discouraged that they are not achieving at the level they want to.

Feb 19

Child's Ultimate Goal

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The ultimate goal is to teach your child to expect much of themselves and little of others.

May 23

Tourette's Syndrome & Special Education Eligibility

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Students with Tourette’s syndrome are not automatically entitled to special education services. Eligibility depends on several factors. Simply having Tourette’s is not the only qualification. For example the child’s educational performance must be affected as a result of the Tourette’s syndrome. If Tourette’s is directly causing your student low grades and difficulty in school, you the parent will need to advocate for them. If you do not speak up, then the school may not help your child.

Dec 08

Difference Between 504 Plan and IEP

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The 504 is ideal for your child if he or she can make progress with some special accommodations. This would not be measured for gains and administered by the school's general education department. However if your child needs a structured environment and specialized learning plan with measured gains, then the IEP is probably your best option. The school’s special education department would run this option.

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Dec 06

504 Plans

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504 plans refer to section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act passed by the United States Congress in 1973. This act protects the civil rights of people with disabilities. It says that people with disabilities must have equal access to participation in all programs that receive federal funding. Therefore public schools have to make sure that equal access happens for all students.

One major limitation of 504 plans is that they only require equal access. They do not require that academic progress be made. Basically 504 plans provide accommodations that allow children with disabilities the same access as those without. The school’s general education department is in charge of 504 programs. If your child can be successful by using some carefully placed accommodations, then a 504 plan would be best. These plans take less time to create and are usually less expensive for the school district.

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Dec 05

Title 1, 504’s and IEP’s

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Title 1, 504’s and IEP’s are unique academic programs and mandated by separate government offices. If you have a child who requires special education, it is absolutely essential that you comprehend the difference between Title 1, 504’s and IEP’s. Understanding them is important so that you can be an effective advocate for your child.  Check back here over the next several days for specifics about each program.

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