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May 18

Parenting Special Needs Children

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When children have special needs, those closest to them may suffer.  Parents of children with special needs often experience emotional problems such as fear, sadness, rage, loneliness, and guilt.  They also experience physical problems such as exhaustion and self-neglect.  Many report their health as “fair to poor“ and over half say their diets and exercise habits have deteriorated since their parenting responsibilities began.  They also report that they do not regularly keep their own medical appointments.  It is important for those caring for those with special needs to address and treat their own issues as well.

Apr 24

Controlling ADD, ADHD & Dyslexia Without Drugs

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There are other options for keeping ADD, ADHD and DYSLEXIA under control without side effects that often accompany a Big Pharma prescription. Like physicians, Big Pharma should take the same oath before dealing out major side effects to children: Primum non nocere.  It means, "First do no harm."

Although medication can be helpful in some children, drug-free treatments exist and should be explored first.  Y3K Tutor In Your Home offers remedies that can give relief without dangerous side effects.

Click the link below...because as parents we need to do the best for our kids.


Apr 23

ADHD Out of Control?

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Data shows that about 6,400,000 children between 4 and 17 have received an ADHD diagnosis in the United States.  This is a 16% increase since 2007 and a 53% rise in the past decade!

Apr 22

ADHD By the Numbers

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Nearly 20% (1 in 5) of high school age boys in the United States and 11% of school aged children overall have received a medical diagnosis of ADHD according to new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  These rates reflect a marked rise over the last decade. Check back tomorrow for the surprising statistics.

Apr 10

Cause of ADHD Found? Mothers Eating Fish While Pregnant

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Initial research suggests that pregnant women who eat lots of fish – especially tuna, swordfish and other fish with high mercury levels are more likely to have children with ADHD.  Researchers from the Boston University School of Public Health tracked 788 Massachusetts children between 1993 and 1998.  Then they had the children’s mothers keep food diaries while they were pregnant so they could see how much fish the women ate. They took hair samples from them after they gave birth so they could test their mercury levels. 

Eight years later, they asked the children’s teachers if the kids exhibited ADHD-like symptoms, such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattentiveness.  The researchers concluded that the women who had the most mercury in their hair were 60% more likely to have a child who exhibited ADHD-like behavior.

Apr 09

Eating Fish Causes ADHD?

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Pregnant women who eat lots of fish are more likely to have children with ADHD a study finds.  Check back here tomorrow for a closer look at this shocking study and the surprising results.

Mar 28

How to Avoid Taking ADD, ADHD & Dyslexia Drugs

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If it’s a dream of yours that your child might be able to avoid taking medically prescribed drugs for ADD, ADHD and DYSLEXIA, all we can tell you is that help may be on its way.  It will end up being YOU and not Big Pharma that comes to your child’s rescue.


This news could be life changing for your family.  It could make a permanent difference in your life.  Click the link below.


Mar 18

Problem To Look For When Kids Hate School #1: Self-Esteem

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SELF-ESTEEM - Kids that feel bad about themselves and abilities most likely hate school too.  A lot of kids that are deemed “special ed” are discouraged that they are not achieving at the level they want to.

Feb 23

Growth & Procrastinating

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There is no emotional growth when you are procrastinating.

Feb 18

Great Pleasure In Life

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A great pleasure in life is having your student do what others including the know-it-all “experts” say your student cannot do.