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Feb 28

Don't Be Led Blindly

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Many studies have shown that people who speak first and loudest tend to persuade others to go along with their positions even when they are wrong.  Teach your kids to always analyze and not be led blindly.

Feb 09

Be Strong (Part 2): Bullying

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Be Strong (Part 2): Bullying

A coward dies a thousand deaths. A child that is a victim of bullying can feel like they die thousands of deaths at the hands of a bully. Despite some of the new “expect the bystanders to help” programs taught in schools today, the only real way to end bullying is for the victim to face their fear and stand up to the bully directly.  This may risk pain and humiliation, but is the only true way to put an end to the problem before it ruins one’s life.

Feb 22


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Do not accept unacceptable behavior.

Sep 22

Confronting Bullies and Parental Support

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If your child is being bullied, they need your complete support. Facing a bully can be a hard and scary thing for a child, so they need to know that you believe them and have their back. Your child needs to know that if they defend themselves against a bully and get in trouble at school for doing so, you will support them. It can be one of the most difficult things to do in the world but confronting a bully can be an opportunity for children to face their fears and learn to stand up for themselves.


Some signs that your child may be a victim of bullying include: fear of going to school, negative self talk, drop in grades, and sudden change in opinion about a specific person.

Apr 15

Peaceful Mind

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A peaceful mind generates power. A fearful mind shuts down. Find out if your student is the victim of bullies.

Mar 02

Two Ways to End Bullying

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When telling the teacher doesn't work, there are 2 ways to end bullying. Victims MUST confront bullies or parents should seek a lawsuit against school, principal, and/or bully. People that think it is funny or not happening will definitely end the harassment when faced with a lawsuit.
Feb 26

Bully Confrontation

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Despite what you are told, a victim must confront a bully. If bullies know it will take a lot of effort, they will move on to someone else.
Feb 23

Stop Bullying at All Costs

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Parents and kids must do whatever it takes to make bullies stop their harassment. If not, your child's life as they see it could be ruined.
Feb 16

Don't Be a Victim

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It is essential that you find out if your child is being bullied. Kids that are bullied can be scarred for life.
Sep 02


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Bullying can ruin a child's life. Be supportive if your kid is a victim. Call the school & have it stopped immediately. Fight back ASAP!!