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Mar 03


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Dear Y3K Tutor In Your Home,

Which test is easier the SAT or ACT?


Sarah G.

Wellesley, MA



Hi Sarah,

Your question is a great one and one we are asked all the time.  The answer to your question will definitely be of interest to our 1,000’s of readers.  Each of these standardized tests has their positives and negatives.  The short answer is that these tests have slightly different requirements so you would want to choose the test that plays into your student’s strengths.  For example one test requires science while the other test requires writing an essay.  Check back here tomorrow as we will tell you exactly what you need to know about the SAT and ACT to help you decide which test would be best.


Y3K Tutor In Your Home



Mar 26

Average Student Loan Debt

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Average student loan debt:  $17,233 in 2005 and $27,253 in 2012.

Mar 25

Private College Tuition Average

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$40,917 = The national average tuition per year for private 4 year colleges and universities (including fees, room and board). 

What do you think the average student loan debt is?  Come back tomorrow for the surprising answer.

Mar 24

In-State Public College Tuition Average

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$18,391 = The national average tuition per year for in-state public 4 year colleges and universities (including fees, room and board).

Do you know the average tuition for private colleges?   Check back tomorrow for the surprising answer.

Mar 23

College Tuition On The Rise

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College tuition has been increasing for many years.  Many families struggle to come up with the money needed to pay for it.  One reason for these rising costs are high administrator salaries and benefits paid out.  Another reason is unnecessary administrators that are on the payroll that serve little function. 

What do you think the average tuition is for public colleges?  Check back tomorrow for shocking numbers.

Feb 16

Best College Readiness School Systems: Wellesley, Dover, Newton, Brookline & Needham

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“College Readiness” looks at SAT writing scores and Advanced Placement scores.  The Dreamschool Finder online tool listed Wellesley High School ranked #1,  Dover-Sherborn Regional High School ranked #4, Newton South High School ranked #5, Brookline High School ranked #7 and Needham High School ranked #10.

Do you think you know single Y3K Tutor In Your Home town to show up in their top ten for “School Resources”?  Tomorrow we will surprise you with the answer.

Feb 15

Best School Climate School Systems: Dover, Weston, Wellesley & Sudbury

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“School Climate” measures how academically focused and committed the students are at a school according to the Dreamschool Finder online tool.  They look at graduation rates, dropout rates and college ambitions of seniors.  The four Y3K Tutor In Your Home high schools that ranked in their top ten in this category were Dover-Sherborn Regional High School ranked #1, Weston High School ranked  #3, Wellesley High School ranked #5 and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School ranked #8.

Try to guess which six Y3K Tutor In Your Home communities made it to their top ten list for “College Readiness” and check back tomorrow to find out if you are right.

Oct 07

Common Core State Standards Initiative

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The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a set of standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in the subjects of English and math that the states voluntarily adopt.  45 states including Massachusetts have signed on. The standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter college or the workforce. They claim that the standards are “ . . . clear and concise to ensure that parents, teachers, and students have a clear understanding of the expectations in reading, writing, speaking and listening, language and mathematics in school.”  It remains to be seen if this is in fact true.  Tomorrow we will take a closer look at some of the changes coming soon.

Jul 11

Medical College of Wisconsin Ends All Animal Use

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The Medical College of Wisconsin announced recently that it has ended all animal use in its medical education programs. This is due to the fact that more students are morally objecting to the use of animals in various dissections.  The educational dissection models and computer programs have made it so not only can students opt out of animal dissections, but also entire medical schools can do the same.  No animals are now used in any of the medical education curriculum at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Feb 12

College NCAA Ineligibility From High School Courses?

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On average 10.5% of incoming college freshman are rejected each year for Division 1 sports because their high school courses they graduated with do not meet academic standards set by the NCAA.  To be eligible to play Division 1 or Division 2 sports, incoming freshman must complete 14 to 16 NCAA approved core courses in high school, score a certain level in the SAT or ACT, and have kept up their grade point average.  The NCAA approves most high school classes but does deem some ineligible.  Their decision for each town varies. 

Data from some local Massachusetts Y3K Tutor In Your Home towns is absolutely shocking. For example Wellesley High School in offers 26 classes, Newton North High School offers 28, Concord-Carlisle High School offers 30, and Newton South High School offers 30 classes that do not meet the association’s requirements for a core course. Lexington High School in Lexington MA is in a category all to itself with a whopping 78 ineligible courses.  This data is especially surprising as all of the schools on this list are traditionally top ranked schools year after year. 

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